the chaniotakis company

Founded in 1975 by Fotis and Villi Chaniotakis, the company is located in Athens Greece. At the time of its conception over 40 years ago, Chaniotakis was competing with hundreds of manufacturers.

Despite this, Foti’s excellent skills and creativity for handcrafted shoes were the reasons that production grew and Chaniotakis established itself as the best and most organized shoe manufacturer in the country.


This long history of passion and dedication has led to the birth of a brand which is synonymous with style and quality.

Even today, the company remains a family business. Behind all of Chaniotakis’s creations is Foti’s youngest son, Theo Chaniotakis, who after his studies in Milan obsessively pursues perfection in their legacy.

Whereas, Spyros Chaniotakis, Foti’s oldest son, handles the administrative and executive responsibilities, as the company’s managing director. Together the two brothers have continued the global journey that started with their father, in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.